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Ductless Mini Splits in Acadiana

At Menard’s A/C & Heating, we embrace innovation by providing our customers with ductless mini splits around Acadiana. We’re a caring, dependable team that’s serviced our community heating and cooling systems needs for over 50 years. Our mission to perform services with integrity and dependability has made us the most trusted name in heating and cooling throughout the area.

We strive to make our customers’ systems more efficient and convenient by staying current on industry trends and providing modern systems products for their homes or businesses. Our team will install, repair and maintain your heating and cooling with the highest customer service and satisfaction.

ductless mini split

What Is a Mini Ductless Split?

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems offer everything traditional systems provide, but with scaled-down size and more efficiency. Ductless systems give you more control over your airflow, saving you money and energy each month. They’re an excellent solution for smaller homes and businesses or those with out-of-date systems.

You can experience the following advantages of a ductless system:

  • Speed Monitoring: Most traditional cooling systems emit air at one or two-speed levels. Limited speed capabilities result in systems shutting on and off at random. Ductless systems regulate speed according to your cooling needs at the moment, so you can always have your desired amount of air.
  • Targeted Air: A standard cooling system usually loses air due to leaking and malfunctioning ducts. This loss results in wasted air, energy and money. Ductless systems direct air straight to the intended areas in your living space, which maximizes your energy efficiency precisely where you want it to go.
  • Functional Design: Ductless cooling features a compact design that uses significantly less space than traditional large systems. You can mount your ductless system high up on your wall to avoid taking up living space or invading your personal space. Ductless cooling is built for convenience and function.

Discover What
Ductless Systems Can Do

Ductless systems can do wonders for your cooling if appropriate for your home or business. Feel free to reach out to our professionals for any questions about this innovative system. We’re on standby to guide you to the perfect cooling system for you.

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