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We’ll Serve You With Heating in Acadiana

Menard’s A/C & Heating provides homes and businesses with efficient systems for heating in Acadiana. We’ve served our community for over 50 years, attending to their HVAC systems with the utmost care and integrity. If you need a dependable installation, repair or maintenance for your heat system, our team is on standby to help. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.


Better Heating With Heat Load Calculations

When homeowners install new heat systems or move into a property with an existing system, they’re usually unaware of its quality or state.

The truth is that many systems are oversized or undersized, or disproportionate from the property. Disproportion leads to malfunctioning systems that operate inefficiently, costing energy and money.

A heat load calculation accounts for factors that contribute to poor heat system quality related to the size of the system.

We can perform an in-depth calculation that considers the following:

  • The layout of your home or business.
  • Your home or business’s square footage.
  • The appliances within your home or business.
  • The amount of insulation within your home or business.
ac unit and tools

Comprehensive Heating Service for Your Comfort

Menard’s A/C & Heating is widely known for providing the following services with the highest level of excellence—from inspection to completion:

  • Heating Installation: Our professionals begin your installation process with a load calculation to determine your precise needs. We’ll install a heating system to fit your home safely, following manufacturers’ guidelines before and after your installation is complete.
  • Heating Repair: Is your energy bill higher than usual? Does your furnace make strange noises? Is your furnace failing to blow air? If so, you may need a repair. Our team will inspect your heat system, find the problem and perform the repairs required to restore your heat to its original function.
  • Heating Maintenance: Routine and preventative maintenance extends the life of your heat system by catching concerns early. We can inspect your system and spot issues, then schedule a time to attend to them. We encourage you to schedule maintenance before the cold strikes so your furnace functions throughout the year.

Contact Us Today for An Inspection

Your heat system keeps your home or business warm and comfortable throughout the colder times. Make sure yours is functioning correctly by scheduling an inspection with our trusted HVAC team today. We’re here to make your systems run smoothly.

Contact Menard’s A/C & Heating Today!